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Get Money/ Have Fun/Buff1/ Freestyle Series/

Fall In Love/Slum Village/Fantastic/ Vol. 2 (Instrumentals)

Plan B (R.I.P. Mr. Yancey) Ft. TP and Skyzoo/Halo/Plan B EP/

2U4U/Slum Village/Fantastic Vol. 2.10/

2U4U/Mar/Mar Variations/

Scanner Resurrection/Chief/Drone Beats & Electric Waves/

The Luncheon (Figg Get Da Money Freestyle)/TiRon & Ayomari/The Cafeteria Line/

YC The Cynic- Suicide ft. Homeboy Sandman and Niles/YC The Cynic/Fall FWD/

Everybody Down/Slaughterhouse/The Slaughterhouse EP/

Eye Need You prod 14KT/Magestik Legend/The Great Escape/

Innocence/Marcel Black/

Lazy Dayze/Kyle Rapps Ft. Silent Knight/Lazy Dayze EP/

The City/Ro Spit/

Perfectionists (Prod. by The Alchemist)/Rick Ross feat. Meek Mill/Perfectionists EP/

Temptation Ft. & Prod. By Nottz/Ivory Keyes/Temptation EP/

163rd (Instrumental)/Silky Black/Showbiz Presents - Big L & Silky Black - Double Pack VLS/

Sextape/ Part 4 (feat. Teddy Pendergrass x Marvin Gaye x Prince)/Marsha Ambrosius/SexTape/ Part 4/

5daysoff Moovmnt Mix/Various Artists/5daysoff Moovmnt Mix/

Shadows On Behalf/The Stepkids/Shadows On Behalf 12”/

Cash and Carry Me Home/Ghostpoet/Peanut Butter Blues And Melancholy AM/

Testin’ Me (DJ RJay Dilla Bootleg 2010)/Peven Everett/Testin’ Me EP/

Wasting Time (Kaidi Tatham Remix) f. Darien Brockington & Phonte/Total Science/Wasting Time EP/

Doug’s Funny Love/Carlitta Durand/Doug’s Funny Love EP/

I Love You/Ta-ku & Kris Mars/The Lonely Stranger/

Wake Ups/Salva/Complex Housing/

I Want You (Breakdown Edit by Mr. K)/Marvin Gaye/I Want You (Edit 12”)/

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Newly obtained surveillance video shows the violent encounter between a 17-year-old girl and Clairton police officers that left the teenager in the hospital.

A 17-year-old girl claims she was beaten by police in Clairton after she and her friends were stopped for a curfew violation Tuesday night.

Merceedez Wright admits she and her friends were out a few minutes after the city’s 10 p.m. curfew, and that she both ran from officers and resisted them after being tackled, but she doesn’t believe she deserves the injuries she suffered.

Wright is now recovering in the hospital with injuries to her trachea, esophagus and neck, plus several cuts and bruises.

"She’s a cheerleader, she’s a lifeguard at the Clairton pool, she was just on prom court," said Wright’s mother, Audelia Amoah. "She’s a good kid."

Even so, Wright admits she ran from officers.

"I was scared because of how he got out of the car. He didn’t just walk out, he jumped out of the car and started chasing me, so my first instinct was to run," she said.

Wright also said she did resist officers once she was knocked to the ground. She said she was trying to get her arms free to protect herself.

Clairton police did not respond to requests for comment.

Read more:

You think this is sickening? Me too

551 Ravensburg Blvd
Clairton, PA
(412) 233-8113

press ‘OPTION 6’ to be connected to the Clairton Police Department.

Flood their mailbox, flood their inbox!

Robert Hoffman is the Chief of Police and you can contact them directly here.

I just wrote in: “Newly obtained surveillance video shows the violent encounter between 17-year-old Merceedez Wright and Clairton police officers that left the teenager in the hospital.

She admits to being out past 10pm AND to “running” from the cops. When I was her age, I was in the same situation and the altercation did not result in me being tackled, in my head or neck being smashed against pavement, or a hospital bill.

I was told to call my mother while the officer POLITELY waited there for her to come pick me up. How is CPD training these officers that their first course of action is to pummel a little girl? The officers involved should be reprimanded without compensation.”

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